Whether you are affected by a difficult matrimonial break-up, problems with making arrangements with an ex-partner regarding children or you are suffering domestic violence, McGill Solicitors can help. We understand the sensitivity of relationships between people and always look for solutions that suit you and your particular circumstances.

Matrimonial breakdown is sometimes unavoidable and is often emotional, particularly where there are children involved. We will help you through this troubled time and will advise you on all aspects of the process from whether divorce is or is not suitable for you to making arrangements for children and reaching agreement in relation to property.

When a relationship breaks down it can be difficult to agree arrangements regarding children without assistance from a third party. There is nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about when seeking help for dealing with these issues and successful arrangements are often reached and stuck to. At McGill Solicitors we always take close instruction from you as we understand that the decisions made will affect your life, not ours.

If you are suffering from domestic violence there are a range of remedies available that can help you. While we believe that no one should feel threatened or intimidated by a partner we understand that it can often be very difficult to seek help. We are always happy to arrange an appointment or have a telephone conversation to discuss your situation and let you know what help is out there.

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